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Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Why should I choose this option?

Hiring a real estate agent can involve inspections, repairs, and constant home tours. Your asking price can fluctuate as repair and other costs arise, which you or the buyer may need to cover.

In contrast, we evaluate your situation and handle all the upcoming expenses associated with selling your house. This enables us to offer you a fair price and promptly take it off your hands.

Even if your home is in excellent condition, opting for our approach is still a top choice for those seeking a swift selling process. Following our assessment of your property, we’ll advise you on whether listing with an agent is a better fit for your situation.

2.) What happens to your house after we buy it?

Once we acquire your property, we initiate renovations, addressing any needed repairs and remodeling to elevate the home to high-quality standards. Then we collaborate with a real estate agent to list and sell the house. We cover all repair costs, closing fees, and commissions. The profit we earn from this transaction enables us to continue assisting other clients with seamless house sales.

3.) Do you offer a fair price?

Rest assured, our commitment to our reputation and integrity means we always provide a fair price. We employ straightforward calculations, transparently showing you how each dollar is allocated and why we propose the price we do. It boils down to the market value with post-purchase repairs, renovations, and selling expenses subtracted. This allows us to make you a fair offer to buy your house quickly as-is.

4.) Will you buy my run-down house?

Absolutely! House flipping is in our wheelhouse. We plan to make repairs and enhancements to increase the market value after purchase. Meanwhile, we spare you the hassle of handling those tasks yourself, ultimately offering you a comparable selling price without the lengthy hassles. We typically close transactions within a month, although in some cases, it can be as quick as one week. Our goal is to simplify the process of selling your house.

5.) Do I need to clean my house?

No need to clean or fix anything in your house before we buy it. We’ll handle everything after the purchase – a perk our clients love about this process.

6.) Do you plan to list my house on the MLS?

We don’t list houses on the MLS. We’re not agents seeking buyers; we’re the buyers. Together with your input, we determine the best offer for your home, manage the entire process, including repairs, and sell it for a profit. You receive cash without delay, and we provide detailed computations for your confidence and satisfaction.

7.) Are there any fees or commissions involved when I work with you?

No fees or commissions are required when working with us. We pay all of the fees and commissions for you so you know exactly what you are going to get for your house. Here’s our three-step process: we determine the market value, assess repair and selling costs, add profit, and offer you a price. Once you approve, we select a closing date and complete the paperwork with a local attorney. You sell your house quickly and receive cash.

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